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SEISA Pegasus Club News (Vol.4)

Warm greetings from the SEISA Group!


From March 25th to 31st, eleven SEISA University students visited Bhutan for the fifth SEISA-RTC STAR (Study of Trust, Achievement, and Respect) Program, a short-term exchange program for students from SEISA and Royal Thimphu College to learn about each other’s culture and heritage. We have created this program in hopes that it will serve as a bridge between our two nations. The STAR Program was certified as a commemorative event of the 30th Anniversary for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bhutan.


Upon their arrival, the SEISA students were led to their temporary rooms in the RTC guest house and were later taken on a campus tour by the RTC students. Throughout the duration of their stay, our students were able to gain an insight into the Bhutanese educational system and health policies by visiting the educational institutions and hospitals in the vicinity of the city of Thimphu.


Moreover, the SEISA students got the rare experience of attending the ceremony celebrating the donation of 29 ambulances in honor of the countries’ 30th Anniversary. At the event, one of our own students made a speech to show the importance of the relationship between our two nations.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the RTC community, the Bhutanese people, and all who have supported this program.    


In Japan, the school year starts in April. All of the SEISA students are ready and eager to learning. As members of the school faculty and staff, we would like to commit our best efforts to make our students smile. Seeing it as a first step to achieving this goal, we would like to stress the importance of communicating with those from the international community for our students; through active engagement, they are able to obtain a broader perspective and get the chance to grow and become a member of the global society. Please stay in touch with us. Thank you!



SEISA Pegasus Club News (Vol.3)

Warm greetings from the SEISA Group!

 The 30th PAL (Participate and Learn) Program, a study tour for Seisa High School students in Saipan, was held in February. Over 150 students participated in this year’s trip, and they spent a fun and meaningful week with the students from Mariana High School and San Antonio Middle School. Through the duration of their study tour, the Seisa students were partnered up with students from Mariana High School and enjoyed everything from sports to cultural exchanges. They also participated in the annual Cultural Heritage Day, where they listened to traditional music and learned traditional dances.


 One of the most memorable experiences that the students had during their stay was the visit to Banzai Cliff, where many people sacrificed their lives during the Pacific War. There, the Seisa high school students stood in front of the Memorial Monument and put their hands together to pray for the victims. The students had also prepared one thousand cranes for this occasion, and they express their sorrow and their hope for a better, peaceful future.

 When the last day arrived, both the Seisa and Mariana students were streaming tears at the Thank You Party as they said their farewells, and promised each other that they will meet again someday.

 We are also delighted to announce that the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island, State Board of Education, and the Public School System has presented Mr. Miyazawa, Founder and CEO of Seisa Group and Seisa Gakuen School, with an award in appreciation for the 30 years of continued friendship and goodwill with the students of Mariana High School and San Antonio Middle School. With PAL and our many other international programs, we hope to create a better world for future generations. Thank you for your generous support.



SEISA Pegasus Club News (Vol.2)

Warm greetings from the SEISA Group!

We are happy to inform you of the latest events organized by the SEISA Group. From January 31st to February 9th, we had our annual SEISA-RTC STAR (Study of Trust Achievement Respect) Program. Established in 2012, this is a short-term exchange program for students from Bhutan’s Royal Thimphu College to learn about Japan and its rich culture and heritage. We have created this program in hopes that it will serve as a bridge to connect our two nations. Here at SEISA, we are proud to announce that in honor of the 30th Anniversary for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bhutan, our STAR Program was certified as a commemorative event by the Japanese government.


After graduating from this program, the Bhutanese students went on to take active roles in strengthening their country, being appointed occupations such as government officials, businesspersons, and self-employed workers. It is thanks to the contributions made by the SEISA Pegasus Club that we can organize programs like this for the future leaders of our society. We appreciate your continuous support and aim to continue with our mission to sow the seeds of international understanding and cooperation.

SEISA Pegasus Club News (Vol. 1)

All the best for the New Year !

The relationships that we have built over the past few decades with the international community has been made possible by SEISA Pegasus Club. This club is comprised of the organizers and participants of our international exchange programs. Through this electric-newsletter, we hope to stay connected with all affiliates of SEISA Pegasus Club and continue our friendship in the coming year.


Greetings from the Founder and the Chairman of SEISA Group


Over the years, I have begun to realize the importance of reaching out and understanding the world in the truest sense. I have also come to value the approach of learning by nurturing one's curiosity and interests.

Up until now, I have been using my lack of time due to my packed schedule as an excuse. However, I now understand that even under those circumstances, there is nothing more important than finding out about the culture and history of various nations by means of interacting with the locals themselves. If I had taken action earlier in my youth, it would have changed my perception of the world and I would have taken greater pleasure in my life.

As SEISA Pegasus Club embodies my experiences and ideas, I hope that it will reach many people and be of use to them. This all comes under my firm belief that everything we learn and experience is of vital importance. 

No matter how young or old, through accepting diverse cultures and customs, communicating our dreams for the future, and establishing kinship with those that we meet along the way, we all have the potential to grow. I have left it to SEISA Pegasus Group to take on that role, and to continue to expand this network.


Director of SEISA Group

Hajime INOUE

Two lives are necessary in order to bring a new life into this world. For the birth of those two lives, an additional four lives are needed. If we continue this and go back ten generations, we can calculate that approximately two thousand lives were required for a single life to be born. An endless chain of lives was needed for you to be here now. This makes your very existence precious and unique. Moreover, every individual that you meet will also be a result of this chain of lives and the possibly that you will encounter that individual of the millions of other people makes them a significant person in your life. Through SEISA, we have overcome the barriers posed by the differences in our language, tradition, and history, and we must be thankful for every new acquaintance. 

At SEISA, we stand by three guiding principles:“understand each other”, “leave nobody out”, and “make friends”. 

Although they may be difficult to put into practice, let us start where we can and apply these core values to create a “chain of smiles”, spreading joy and happiness to all. 

When our world becomes shrouded by tales of sadness and unexpected events shake our lives, let us be there to support each other and continue to maintain our camaraderie spirit. Welcome to SEISA Pegasus Club!




Through SEISA Pegasus Club News, we hope to deliver seasonal greetings and updates on ongoing events at SEISA. If you have any questions or comments, please contact SEISA Pegasus Group Office (miwhosoda@seisa.ac.jp).


SEISA Pegasus Club Office

Vice President of SEISA University


Email address: miwhosoda@seisa.ac.jp



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